The Indecisive Traveller’s Bucket List

As I write this, I am counting down to my maiden trip to Italy, a country that has been in my bucket list and I have been looking forward to visit - the trip of a lifetime. Its four in the morning, and the crowds pouring down the streets to see my para pujo is slowly trickling down to a more … Continue reading
Oberoi Grand Three Sixty Three

A Grand Pujo Bhoj and Life Update

Shubho Sharadiya everyone! If you aren't a Bengali, that roughly translates to happy Durga Puja, the biggest carnival/festival for Bengali people. I will be honest - the last couple of years has been strange to me - I cannot really equate it with being good/bad, because frankly speaking, I don't … Continue reading
Artsy Cafe kolkata

Artsy Cafe, Minto Park, Kolkata

As I sit here with some coffee cooling by my side, my work takes second place for a few minutes, because Artsy Cafe in Minto Park may tend to make you feel slightly distracted with walls dedicated to art, together with kitschy details that make things feel more like you're at someone's really … Continue reading